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Design and Design Review

Well-designed API makes your customers happy. Such API is appreciated not only by developers but by product owners and analysts as well. API is no longer a technical-only thing.
I can help you with applying REST principles, design patterns, and other API best practices to make your API successful. If you already have legacy integrations, we can turn them into modern APIs.
We can set up API guidelines to make all your APIs consistent.

API Testing

API is a gateway to your product and needs special care. Proper functional, performance, and security tests can help avoid many troubles.
We can automate as much testing as possible in your delivery pipeline and still leave enough space to perform testing by people. It’s best to combine both of these options.
If you consider using ReadyAPI, Postman, JMeter, or other tools, we can find the best use for your purpose.


Your employees are enablers of the product’s success. Our goal is to make progress in skills. Knowledge is not sufficient; it must end up in valuable skills.
We can agree on desired skills and design tailored training. Our strength is combining deep experience with APIs together with teaching skills, thus making the training more efficient than studying online resources.
The courses are hands-on and instructor-led, on-site or online.

Currently available training
 Introduction to OpenAPI
 API concepts (REST, GraphQL, SOAP, messaging, security, etc.)
 API testing with ReadyAPI
 Test automation with ReadyAPI
 API testing and mock API with Postman
 Integrating API tests with DevOps Pipeline (GitLab)

Prices start at €220 per participant.


Few words...

...about me

I have been a software engineer focusing on application integration (APIs) for almost 20 years.

Most of my projects are integrations within the enterprise or with external partners.

I often guide the APIs during the whole delivery life-cycle, starting with requirements analysis, contributing to design, consulting for development and QA, and up to the solution deployment. 

As a long-time practitioner, I like to share my experience with others in API courses. 

After many years of providing training, I decided to move my teaching skills to the next level and took a graduate pedagogy course.


Please specify your need and estimated timeframe for delivery.
I will come back to you to discuss further details.

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